Handy Camel Bag Clip

Garden Accessory of the Year 2015 – Gold Winner

Think of your standard small bag clips that you use to tightly close your cereal bags, your pastas, your frozen veg, your crisps, nuts etc. Every household/kitchen has these, right? Now imagine that same product on steroids and it’s beefed up 100x over and grown an integrated handle for your convenience – this is what we have!

A powerful, strong, capable, bag clip that has been developed with all those big, cumbersome, heavy bags in mind – composts, soils, seed, pet/bird feed, aggregates, garden materials, building materials, DIY materials, potato sacks, rice bags etc etc.

As well as closing the bags, it actually seals them airtight, keeping the contents fresh. It has been designed with no-tear technology so whilst gripping the bag, even the thinnest of potting bags is safe from tearing.

And then there’s that integrated handle I mentioned, well that makes carrying all these heavy bags so much easier and less back breaking.

Multi award winning UK manufactured must-have garden/household accessory that is a perfect solution across so many categories including, garden, pet, bird, DIY, household, trade etc.

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