Garden Hand Tool of the Year 2016 – Finalist

Renegade Broom
Shortlisted for Garden Hand Tool of the Year 2016

This is the first major reinvention of the broom for 150 years and its sweeping across the USA​ rapidly!

​Made in Germany, patented arched bristle technology, the manufacturer claims the broom is up to 90% more efficient than traditional brooms.​

Used like a rake with a pulling motion, it is perfect for all normal sweeping on every surface plus raking grass, clearing snow, removing pet hairs from carpet etc. With thousands of arched bristles every nook and cranny of the surface is penetrated and swept clean with much less effort and fewer strokes, making it perfect for uneven surfaces and ridged surfaces like decking which traditionally require a lot of effort to sweep. The arched bristles act like a claw and grab the surface, you can feel the difference as soon as you start using.

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