The Paint Brush/Roller Cover

One of America’s Best Selling Dec Sundries

Imagine a hinged plastic container shaped to hold a paint brush or a roller. This patented product is a clear, hard, durable, plastic hinged case that accommodates almost all sizes of paint brush from 0.5″ to 3″ (roller version up to 9″), sealing around the handle ensuring an airtight environment with no leakage, keeping the brush (or roller) and paint fresh and ready to go, whether that be after a lunch break, overnight or even as long as 6 weeks later.

The sturdy case protects the brush/roller and bristles no matter how much mistreatment it’s subjected to. Being clear it enables the user to see not only what size brush is stored but also if it is wet, dry or full of paint. The design makes it easy to store plus it’s stackable too. Independent tests have shown that after leaving your brush/roller full of paint in the case, for up to 6 weeks, once opened it will be as if you had just covered it 5 minutes ago. This saves valuable time by not having the constant hassle of washing your brushes/rollers.

There’s nothing like this patented product on the market. One of America‚Äôs top selling dec sundries in 2015.

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